You might be wondering..

What happens at the festival?

You’re invited to join 100 others for a week of workshops on the themes of body awareness, sensuality and relationships.

By day you’ll be learning about massage and movement, communication and consent.

By night you’ll be singing and dancing, going to cuddle parties or sharing circles.

It’s a festival free of alcohol and drugs and we make all the food and tea for everyone.


What goes on at the festival?

There are just 100 places..

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We anticipate that tickets for those identifying as men will be available again soon 🙂

In the heart of the forest

A safe place to explore

‘The Festival of Sensuality was a very unique experience for me. The abundance of it is hard to put into a few words. You just have to come and experience it through your own senses. A truly wonderful festival. I’d love to come back again.’



‘The Festival of Sensuality is a transformational experience: it’s fun, it’s deep, it’s dancing, singing and testing boundaries of pleasure, it’s about accepting and appreciating diversity, bonding with amazing courageous people, it’s great food, great live acoustic music, healthy lifestyle, impeccable organization, stunning location, responsive and super-welcoming staff. Forever grateful!’



‘It wouldn’t be an exaggeration if I said this festival was one of the best things that has ever happened to me. Everyone is so generous and compassionate that you feel completely safe and at home.’



‘I really think that the festival touched very deep, powerful forces in need of being fully and joyfully experienced, but also carrying so many generational and intergenerational wounds, shame and repression. I see what you put in motion as an evolutionary challenge, much bigger than each of us and also all of us as a group.’



The Festival of Sensuality blew my mind.
How much love, humility, authenticity, welcoming, and believe in human connection there was is unbelievable. It was just stunning how much we all created together.
When leaving this festival my heart was full of love and gratitude.



‘It gave me (and many others) so much. I feel after a long long time like a polished diamond again. Pure, shiny and transparent.’



‘A bunch of great people, who have unbelievable great knowledge, senses and empathy gave me an amazing experience and supported my personal growth.
To me this festival was a spiritual and mental retreat.’