Who runs the festival?

The Festival of Sensuality is an event organised by the Creative Camps association which is dedicated to running small events without alcohol or drugs, where people of different nationalities and backgrounds can come together to learn, share and create.

We also run the Festival of Creativity.

We’ve invited Liz Denner to host the festival.

sensuality festival leader

Hello, beautiful human. Come closer.

My name is Liz.

I am a human animal. I love dancing, walking barefoot, colourful food, the smell of wet soil and grass after a summer rain. Sometimes I howl at the moon. And all of that is even better when shared with other people!

Apart from fulfilling my personal wishes, this festival is precisely what I would have needed many years ago. I have travelled far, physically and mentally, to find the good life. And guess what? Wherever I was, the grass always seemed greener somewhere else. It turned out that avid pleasure seeking was not the right way out of numbness. Feeling was all about awareness, nature, community.

Instead of going higher-faster-louder, I found revelations in presence, stillness and connection. In feeling what was truly going on inside me and getting it mirrored back by friendly people without judgements.

The festival opens a space, a learning zone where we can dare to open up, to explore our feelings, to fully embody and express them. And sing and tell stories by the fire and play and dance wildly making animal sounds.)

So let’s gaze into each other’s eyes. Let’s breathe together. Let our heartbeats synchronize. And let’s be open to the possibility of magic happening.

Liz is a tantric bodyworker and clinical sexologist (sex counsellor) in training, based in Vienna.

The festival is founded by Tom Thumb.

‘I make events that I would like to go to 🙂

When I looked around at tantra festivals I couldn’t imagine myself dressing up in white and embracing concepts of masculinity and femininity that seem to be stuck in the past.

And the sex-positive events that embrace kink and bdsm were somewhat out of my comfort zone!

But we all have a body. And most of us want to understand better how to relate to other bodies as well as our own. We yearn for better communication. Deeper experience.

And all with a down-to-earth approach and a sense of humour.

I invite you to find out what this festival will be –  we will make it together 🙂