Who runs the festival?

The Festival of Sensuality is an event organised by the Creative Camps association which is dedicated to running small events without alcohol or drugs, where people of different nationalities and backgrounds can come together to learn, share and create.

Our hosts and team members are experienced workshop leaders from across Europe and come together to hold a safe, kind and supportive space where people can open up and share.

When we looked around at tantra festivals they were often embracing concepts of masculinity and femininity that seemed to be stuck in the past.

And the sex-positive events that had a focus on kink and bdsm were somewhat out of many people’s comfort zones!

But we all have a body. And most of us want to understand better how to relate to other bodies as well as our own. We yearn for better communication. Deeper experience.

And all with a down-to-earth approach and a sense of humour.

We invite you to find out what this festival will be –  we will make it together 🙂

Check out our team for this year!