A festival exploring sensuality, sexuality and communication

Everybody has a body.

That’s the essential philosophy of the Sensuality Festival.

When we breathe, eat, drink, talk and move – every single thing we do is meditated through our body, it’s the one constant companion for every moment that we’re alive in this world.

But our bodies can be strangers to us. They can be reservoirs of trauma, places of shame, something that we might rather hide from others.

And yet our bodies can be such mediums of joy and delight, sources of pride and strength. When we begin to explore our physical selves we can awaken depths in how we move, dance and make love.

Because as our bodies meet other bodies in this world, we may feel attraction, desire and love. And then how can we connect sexually and emotionally with another in an authentic, conscious way?

Is this a sex festival?

Our world is flooded with sexual imagery, it’s on most people’s minds most of the time and yet how often do we talk about what sex means for us, how it feels, what we might learn from it about ourselves?

The Festival of Sensuality isn’t a place to come and get laid.

It’s rather a place where we go deeper into what sex, sexuality and relating are all about.

Whether you want to deepen your relationships, heal traumas or learn to feel comfortable in your own body, the Festival of Sensuality is an opportunity to break free of old patterns and embrace a celebration of life.

Is this a tantra festival?

Tantra festivals are to be found all over Europe these days but it’s not the focus of our festival. While there might be a workshop on tantra if someone proposes it, we won’t all be dressing up in white and addressing one another as gods and goddesses 🙂

At the heart of the Festival of Sensuality is the invitation for everyone to come regardless of what they believe or how they live their lives. Everybody has a body.

Will I be safe there?

It’s really important to us that everyone’s boundaries are respected and so the festival will have established ground rules regarding consent and interaction.

While the workshops may give you the opportunity to explore your comfort zones and open up to new experiences, you won’t ever have to touch or be touched by anyone if you don’t want to.

In fact, learning how to say – and hear – a conscious ‘no’ is part of what this festival is all about. The asking and giving of consent is at the heart of any authentic relationship.

Learn more about what goes on at the Festival of Sensuality.