Music around the fire

When you  think of a festival you might imagine large crowds, terrible and expensive food, and people gathered in front of stages to listen to bands play at fixed times.

The Festival of Sensuality has no stages or concerts, There are no big name acts and no speakers for anyone to plug their instruments into.

Instead, musicians jam around the fire and you’re welcome to join in as we dance and sing and make music in night time sessions where everyone can dance like no one is watching, sing like no one is listening. And yet, as wild as things can get, everyone remains conscious and aware as it’s a festival free of drugs and alcohol.

And, of course, there are also tender moments where everyone is cosy in a big cuddle puddle, their faces glowing amber in the firelight and someone plays a song that  just melts every heart within reach.

Anyone is welcome to play and there are plenty of simple catchy songs where everyone can sing together.

There will also be sessions of storytelling and human orchestra around the fire.

When there’s bad weather – or we just get thirsty – then we also play in the tea tent, and during the day it’s normal for people to trade songs, share skills and there will be workshops on opening the voice to encourage you to join in.

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