Participants Agreement

Whilst there is no such thing as a guaranteed safe space, we strive to create an environment where people can feel comfortable enough to be open, courageous and curious, to let go and have fun. To do this, we have put together this participant’s agreement.

Arrive at the start: the event will begin with the opening ceremony. It is important to arrive in time to attend; otherwise, you will miss vital information, which ensures a safe container for everyone. 

Self-responsibility: only you can know and make others aware of your boundaries. We will offer you support and guidance in recognising and expressing your boundaries. You do not have to do anything you do not want to do.

Only attend workshops you feel comfortable navigating, take things at your own pace, and be willing to sit out when something does not feel right. 

If you are not physically or mentally well enough to be in an environment with multiple people or in an environment which welcomes interpersonal, and potentially sexual, contact, please do not attend. Contact us if you are unsure about this.

All emotional states are welcome, so long as you navigate them with integrity and do not hurt yourself, others or any equipment. This is not just a festival for happy people and extroverts! There is a beautiful forest, a gorgeous lake, and lots of time to build deeper connections to yourself and others – take time out when you need it.

Reach out for support in a measured way. We have an incredible support team and an excellent medic who are there to provide you with love and care. Some team members are therapists in their day jobs and bring this expertise; however, they cannot offer therapy at the festival, and they are also there to support the rest of the group. Please respect their time and energy.  

Respect boundaries and always get consent: if someone says ‘no’ to you, do not ignore their no, do not ask again, do not ask for an explanation. If someone is unsure, take that as a no until they become sure. You will be asked to leave the event if you cannot respect or acknowledge other peoples’ boundaries. 

Inclusivity: people of all ages (18+), genders, races, bodies, neurodiversity and sexual orientations are welcomed, so long as you can navigate boundaries and consent and are able to live in a field for a week. 

Discriminatory views are not welcome. Derogatory, hurtful or oppressive comments will not be tolerated. Please strive not to make assumptions about other people’s identities, beliefs, or experiences.  

If, because of your personal circumstances, you feel this event might be challenging for you to participate in, and would like to talk this through, please contact us.

This is a sex-positive event; if you are uncomfortable with nudity or open sexuality, this is probably not the event for you right now. Sexual contact is allowed and celebrated within specific workshops and in the designated love temple. Please do not engage in sexual contact outside of these spaces other than in private tents (and maybe deep in the forest if you can guarantee no one else is around!). 

Confidentiality: the festival and individual workshops are confidential spaces. Please only share your experiences and leave out details about other participants. No recordings or photographs are allowed without the permission of everyone in them.

Technology-free environment: please only use electronic equipment in your tent and if you need to make a call leave the site; if the option is available to you, take the opportunity to unplug, a digital detox can do wonders for the soul.

Bring compassion and curiosity: everyone arrives at the festival with unique life experiences, education, personal traumas and belief systems. We invite you to connect with open curiosity, especially to those you perceive as different to you. Be open to learning from others. Let other people go through their own processes; you do not need to save anyone or provoke them to go deeper into their experience. 

Avoid dogma: We encourage you to practice expressing yourself without imposing on or oppressing other people. The festival does not promote or adhere to any specific religious or spiritual belief systems.