Sharing circles

When it comes to sex, love and our bodies, there’s soooooooo much to talk about.

For many of us, there are things about our sexuality and our relationships that we’ve always been too embarrassed to talk about. We’ve learned that they’re not topics for polite conversation. We might feel ashamed to even admit some of the things that we feel.

But together, in a safe and judgement-free space, there’s the chance to share, understand and heal.

We will have daily discussions and circles where we get into the depths of issues surrounding sexuality, body image, relationships, family, trauma and all the hopes, dreams and emotions that come with them.

We’ll delve into experiences about body positivity, gender fluidity and alternative relationship models like polyamory. We’ll learn how to ask for consent in sexual contexts and how to express our needs and desires without shame.

There will be laughter, there will be tears. There will be stories that will leave you holding your head in disbelief. There will be moments of courage that will open your heart.

We’ll by gather together in the big tipi and will often use the ancient format of the talking circle where only one person can speak at a time and the rest of the circle listens with empathy and attention.

You don’t have to speak but often you find stuff coming to the surface that you realise you can share in an atmosphere of care and compassion. The talking circle allows even the quietest voice to be heard and it brings people together as a community like nothing else.

With people coming from all over the world, of every age and background, the circles provide a unique opportunity for us to learn from one another, inspire one another, and come together as firm friends.

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